Someone is using Beyonce to time-shame me and it’s working.

Ayye, where have the past eight months gone?!

First of all, after the NAJA conference and a 10-day vacation in L.A., I started writing for Indian Country Today Media Network back in August. For a second there it looked like I was moving to NYC, but the money never quite worked out. Then in September I interviewed for a position in Texas and very nearly moved out there, but at the last minute that didn’t work out either!

So I decided to stay in Atlanta for the fall and winter and I began working even more with The Signal as a volunteer advisor, which included accompanying them to the College Media Association‘s fall convention (co-hosted with the Associated Collegiate Press) in New Orleans during October, where I also presented and critiqued for the first time. I started work on an alumni group for anyone who once worked at The Signal (website coming soon!). I also relocated from downtown Atlanta to the outskirts of Decatur, which has been a welcome move.

In December I began a temporary nanny position for a family I’ve worked with before and absolutey love. I took some time off from media-related projects during December and January to focus on health and finances — trying to freelance full-time and dealing with a pesky old gymnastics injury turns into a full-time job very quickly.

In February I started contributing to Urban Native Mag and Thought Catalog and started volunteering with the communications folk from the Idle No More movement, of which I’ve been a part since the very beginning.  I also began a remote computer science course at Harvard University and started an exhaustive (and exhausting!) job search, focusing on remote work, work in Atlanta or work along the I-25 corridor (Denver, Boulder, Ft. Collins, Cheyenne, Laramie).

In March I have some things coming up in Indian Country Today and Last Real Indians, as well as more for Urban Native Mag. I’m heading to NYC for the College Media Association‘s spring convention, where I’ll be presenting, critiquing and chaperoning again! From NYC I’m headed to Denver and Cheyenne for March pow wow and some much-needed R&R on my home turf.

Looking forward… Hopefully I will be able to spend June in North Dakota attending the Lakota Summer Institute at Sitting Bull College, then NAJA in southern California in July. I’d love to be able to take a vacation in August visiting friends in Seattle and Anchorage. Then October brings CMA again, this time in Philadelphia.

Who knows what else will come up in the meantime, but that’s a very short wrap-up of what I’ve been up to and what I have planned. Quite a lot of time has been wasted spent dealing with health problems — there have been full weeks during which all I can do is make it to work and back to bed again due to excruciating pain. Things finally seem to be turning around though, so expect to see a lot more of me! As for this blog, I have a few things up my sleeve and am working on an editorial calendar. If there’s anything in particular that you’d like to see, please let me know! And of course, if you know of any freelance or remote work, or anything located locally in Atlanta or along the I-25 corridor, please let me know!

P.S. The Beyonce mug is from Sweaty Wisdom on Etsy. And yes, the grammatical error bugs me.

P.S.S. I want to brag about The Signal for a second here — they’ve won something like a million awards this year and it’s pretty amazing!

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